Auntie Fee: Son Shares her Last Interactive Video

 Auntie Fee

YouTube Star Auntie Fee left for celestial abode. She was hospitalized after pang a large heart attack. Auntie Fee’s son available a waggish nonetheless distressing video of his mom when she was fibbing on a sanatorium bed. The interactions that she done are unequivocally touching for those were a final moments available that could final forever.

Auntie Fee who is been creatively named Felicia A. O’Dell happens to be renouned American YouTube celebrity and an online cooking star. Her videos are always available by her son Tavis Hunter. She owns a YouTube Channel titled as ‘Cooking with Auntie Fee’ that has some-more than 50 videos posted per several tip recipes. Los Angeles Times states that Auntie Fee won viral celebrity in 2014 when her son posted a four-minute shave of her cooking some mix lonesome “sweet treats lonesome for a kids”.

Hollywood Life states that as usual, her son Tavis Hunter available that distressing video of his mom to constraint her memorable celebrity in her final moments. The fire starts with an inquire followed by an confirmation of him to be listening. She afterwards combined she doesn’t wish that he should go into his purse and take nothing. Auntie Fee doubted that she won’t be means to make this adult so she wanted to surprise her sons that she desired all of them. One can feel a sourness in a voice and a grief that she had been withstanding for she knew that a finish was nearby and genocide can anytime welcome her. Her final observant to her son can be decoded as to not to hunt around for anything in her earning for he will not be means to find anything. It is now he who has to fill adult his stomach in a box to box basis.

Auntie Fee was unequivocally an idol and a purpose indication to many women. As mentioned in a reports, her foul-mouthed opinion and her cooking tutorials were always a pleasure to watch since she was always indeterminate in a kitchen. She was 59 years aged when she was hospitalized. She in an talk with a publisher pronounced that if it was probable to spin her blind or foolish rather than Almighty take her life away. Tavis Posted a video on amicable media after and also common posted depicting his grief for his mother’s passing and during a same time thanked all her fans for their prayers and support.

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