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Laurie Metcalf leads ‘A Doll’s House, Part 2’ — museum review

A doorway closes — well, slams — and a window opens to a sequel. Lucas Hnath’s compress and provocative comedy “A Doll’s House, Part 2” picks adult after Henrik Ibsen’s 1879 classical ended. That’s when a mutilated and unfortunate Nora walked out and on her landowner husband, Torvald, and their children. Whether or not we […]

10 reasons (one lie) because nobody cares about your unison history

You’ve been to a unison before? Wow. WAIT, you’ve been to during slightest NINE concerts? Even better! The newest #SocialMediaTrend on Facebook is a nine-truths-and-a-lie unison book that’s solemnly ravenous your newsfeed like FarmVille of yore. It’s time to face a oppressive truth: Nobody cares that you’ve been to a concert. Can we figure out […]

Unreleased Prince songs to be enclosed in ‘Purple Rain’ reissue

Previously unheard Prince song is in a foresee as partial of an arriving reissue of his manuscript “Purple Rain.” The reissue, that hits shelves on Jun 23, facilities 6 songs from a late cocktail idol that have “never been expelled or distributed in a gourmet or illicit community,” according to statement. The unearthed marks embody […]

Why Kanye West’s Yeezy boots are value each penny

Praise Yeezus — his sneakers are a miracle. It’s frequency a tip that Kanye West’s rarely desired Adidas tennis boots — a Yeezy Boost 350s — have been among a hottest line on a kicks marketplace ever given they strike stores in 2015. They sell out within mins anytime a new colorway drops, afterwards resell […]

Springsteen tells Hanks he dodged taxes, Vietnam in Tribeca talk

Bruce Springsteen might have been innate in a U.S.A. though he didn’t know it meant we had to compensate your taxes. The mythological New Jersey rocker sat down for a one-on-one discuss with award-winning actor Tom Hanks on Friday night during a Tribeca Film Festival and a dual went over a singer’s shining career, manuscript […]

J.T. Rogers illuminates assent talks in stirring ‘Oslo’

Peacemaking isn’t willing business. “Oslo” reminds theatergoers of that as it imagines a tip and rarely charged talks that led to a mangle in a Israeli-Palestinian dispute scarcely 25 years ago. Smart, touching and peaked with spy-novel tragedy and devious humor, a play during Lincoln Center is a latest work by J.T. Rogers. Two of […]

Artist turns parking meters into works of art

Where some people see a rusted aged parking scale from a ended era, Conrad Stojak sees a canvas. The artist, who crafts his creations on a 67th building of World Trade Center 4, has spent a final dual years operative on branch parking meters into civic dioramas sculptures. The rusted, graffiti riddled meters mostly left […]

Kanye West won’t make warn coming during Coachella

Don’t call it a quip — given it’s not happening. Kanye West will not perform during Coachella this year, notwithstanding conjecture that a festival would symbol his lapse after months divided from a stage, TMZ reports. Rumors started swirling due to a fact ScHoolboy Q and Travis Scott are both Coachella acts — and West […]

Radiohead walks off Coachella theatre twice due to technical issues

Radiohead’s headlining gig during Coachella was filled with exit music. The rope was forced to travel off theatre during dual opposite times since of impassioned technical sound problems that left thousands of festival-goers incompetent to hear a group’s famous jams. “Please repair sound,” one attendee pleaded to Coachella on Twitter. “Felt bad for #Radiohead rocking […]

Broadway ‘Groundhog Day’ star busts knee onstage days before open

This doesn’t occur each day. The star of a new Broadway low-pitched “Groundhog Day” harmed his knee behaving an onstage burst only 3 days before a show’s central opening. Two-time Tony hopeful Andy Karl finished a Friday night opening regulating a cane, though a damage expel a shade over a show’s scheduled Monday debut. “I’m […]

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