Obama insists $400M in money to Iran was not release payment

President Obama on Thursday emphatically denied that a $400 million income remuneration his administration delivered to Iran on an unmarked load craft only as 4 Americans hold warrant inside a brute republic were expelled was a release remuneration and charged that his administration had been pure about a rare deal.

“It wasn’t a secret, we were totally open with everybody about it,” Obama said, insisting that a State Department publicly announced a remuneration final January. “We do not compensate release for hostages.”

“This wasn’t some sinful deal,” he said. “The idea that we would somehow start (paying ransom) now in this high-profile approach and announce it to a universe … defies logic”

Obama and his advisers have been pushed into spin mode in new days after a news in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal supposing a unusual sum surrounding a puzzling income remuneration to Iran.

U.S. delivered $400M to Iran same day American hostages freed

President Obama binds a news discussion during a Pentagon on Thursday to explain a $400 million delivered to Iran.

President Obama binds a news discussion during a Pentagon on Thursday to explain a $400 million delivered to Iran. 


According to a paper, an unmarked load craft installed with wooden pallets built with euros, Swiss francs and other unfamiliar currencies was personally flown into Iran on a same day a U.S. exchanged 7 Iranians for 4 American adults who had been detained.

The Obama administration personally organised a Jan. 17 airlift after negotiating a $1.7 billion allotment with Iran relating to a sale of troops apparatus dating to 1979, according to The Journal — that all came only after a U.S. and 5 other countries reached a landmark chief understanding with Iranian officials.

The White House has confirmed that a income was not a release and that a discerning period of deals was simply a product of tactful channels carrying been non-stop after a decades-long freeze.

A craft arrives in Geneva carrying American hostages that were expelled from Iran on Jan. 17.


“The timing of this was in fact commanded by a fact that, as a effect of us negotiating around a chief deal, we indeed had tactful negotiations … with Iran for a initial time in several decades,” Obama pronounced Thursday.

U.S. release understanding to giveaway hostages will lead to terror

Many politics-watchers but have nonetheless to collect their jaws adult off a building after conference a carnal sum that even Obama certified Thursday were “out of a view novel.”

Still, a President reiterated that “the reason we had to give them income is that we are so despotic in progressing banking sanctions” opposite Iran.

“We could not write them a check, and we could not handle them a money,” he pronounced Thursday. “It’s not during all transparent to me because cash, as against to a check, or a handle transfer, has done this into a story again.”

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