Meet Team Supreme, a new organisation of devoted superheroes with disabilities

A new organisation of superheroes shows children with disabilities how unstoppable they unequivocally are.

Team Supreme, an charcterised animation judgment by Atlanta local Josh Leonard, facilities a expel of superheroes with disabilities who rope together to take on several bad guys. Each member of Team Supreme has an sold superpower that creates them a pivotal partial of a organisation — and those powers are tied to their disabilities. 

“I chose to concentration on [kids with disabilities] since it hasn’t been finished yet,” Leonard says. “It was elementary for me, really. My animation is needed.”

Leonard was desirous to emanate Team Supreme after seeing that a children with disabilities in his life didn’t have superheroes that reflected their lives and resilience. He wanted these children, many of whom are a kids of his friends, to be means to see themselves and their practice with incapacity reflected unapologetically in a cartoon.

Josh Leonard graphic with Team Supreme.

Josh Leonard graphic with Team Supreme.

Image: Leonard Studios

“I wanted to emanate characters with an amazing, constrained story that was also cold adequate to where a kids could not customarily describe to these characters, yet also like and conclude them,” Leonard writes on his website.

“It was elementary for me, really. My animation is needed.”

The categorical impression of Team Supreme is an autistic child named Zeek, who has a energy to delayed time down to a snail’s pace. His superpower is desirous by “splinter skills,” that concede some autistic people to keep vast amounts of information in no time during all. 

Leonard says this ability has always struck him as a real-life superpower. 

Other members of Team Supreme embody Thumper, who was innate betimes and has conference loss; Shock, who was strike by a automobile and mislaid his arm; Li, who was innate blind; Red, who lives with albinism; and Mech, who became inept after flourishing polio.

Image: leonard studios

Each member of a organisation has a sold ability that hinges on their knowledge with their particular incapacity identity. Li, for example, has a energy of supersonic hearing, yet no eyesight. And Shock has a prosthetic arm that transforms into opposite collection to assistance him take on even a toughest of villains.

Though Leonard doesn’t have a incapacity himself, he says he’s tapped into a village to safeguard he’s accurately representing children with a far-reaching operation of incapacity identities. He drew impulse for Team Supreme from those same children of his friends — kids who live with conditions like autism and albinism, who aren’t customarily represented in cartoons or TV.

Leonard says he spent time with these children, as good as adults with disabilities, in sequence to observe and note singular aspects of their lives and mannerisms that associated to their disabilities. These prudent notes, sold to any incapacity identity, have finished their approach into Leonard’s early-stage animations and impression concepts.

“When we would take records of opposite people, [people with a same disability] would all have during slightest one of a same traits,” he says. “Those are a characteristics we would select to concentration on to make my characters as loyal as possible.”

Leonard is still in judgment stages of a show, formulating initial animations to suppose any character’s movements. He’s finished all this work between his full-time pursuit and going to propagandize for animation. 

But he hopes to emporium a judgment around in a nearby future, and hopefully get some large names meddlesome in a value of inclusion.

Leonard skeleton to launch a Kickstarter during a finish of May, with a idea of lifting $25,000 to emanate an part of Team Supreme, and representation it to Netflix.

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