London attack: Five passed in Westminster apprehension attack

Media captionFootage shows a impulse a automobile sped down Westminster Bridge and a lady fell into a River Thames

Five people have died and during slightest 40 were harmed after an assailant gathering a automobile along a cement in Westminster, stabbed a policeman and was shot passed by military in a drift of Parliament.

The passed officer has been named as PC Keith Palmer, 48, a father and father.

PM Theresa May pronounced a conflict was “sick and depraved” and struck during values of liberty, democracy and leisure of speech.

The assailant has not been named by police.

Acting Deputy Commissioner and conduct of conflicting terrorism during a Metropolitan Police, Mark Rowley, pronounced they consider they know who he is and that he was desirous by general and Islamist-related terrorism, though gave no serve details.

Media captionLondon attack: Eyewitness describes apprehension stage aftermath

The conflict unfolded during about 14.40 GMT when a singular assailant gathering a grey Hyundai i40 along a cement over Westminster Bridge, nearby a Houses of Parliament in executive London, murdering during slightest dual people and injuring many more.

The automobile afterwards crashed into railings outward a Houses of Parliament.

The attacker, armed with a knife, ran to Parliament where he was confronted by a police. PC Palmer – who was not armed – was afterwards stabbed and killed.

The assailant was shot passed by armed officers.

Mr Rowley paid reverence to PC Palmer, saying: “He was someone who left for work currently awaiting to lapse home during a finish of his shift, and he had each right to design that would happen.”

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Metropolitan Police

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Keith Palmer had 15 years use with a police

“Heartbroken” former colleague, Conservative MP James Cleverly, paid reverence to a “lovely man” he had famous for 25 years. The span had served together in a Royal Artillery before PC Palmer became a policeman.

Foreign Office apportion Tobias Ellwood – a former Army officer whose hermit died in a Bali militant bombing in 2002 – attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation of Pc Palmer.

One lady was killed after being strike by a attacker’s automobile before it reached Parliament. She was reliable passed by a alloy during St Thomas’ Hospital.

Mrs May pronounced a conflict was a “sick and depraved” conflict on a heart of a capital. Such attempts to better UK values were “doomed to failure”, she said.

She paid reverence to a “exceptional organisation and women” of a military force who responded to a attack, saying: “We will all pierce brazen together, never giving in to apprehension and never permitting a voices of hatred and immorality to expostulate us apart.”

The primary apportion added: “The plcae of this conflict was no accident.

“The militant chose to strike during a heart of a collateral city where people of all nationalities, religions and cultures come together to applaud a values of liberty, democracy and leisure of speech.”

She is approaching to make a matter in a Commons later.

Media captionTheresa May: “We will never give in to terror”

The father of murdered MP Jo Cox pronounced a “name we will remember” from a Westminster conflict was that of PC Keith Palmer – not a attacker.

London mayor Sadiq Khan said: “My summary to those that wish to mistreat us and destroy a approach of life is: You won’t succeed; we won’t order us; we won’t be quiet by terrorists.”

BBC Newsnight reported there was a idea a automobile used in a conflict was hired from an residence in Birmingham. However, this has not been confirmed.

Armed military carried out an raid on an residence on Hagley Road in a city final night.

West Midland Police referred inquires about a operation to Scotland Yard, who refused to contend possibly it was connected to a Westminster attack.

In latest developments:

  • There will be some-more armed and unarmed officers on avocation in London and conflicting a republic as a “precautionary measure”
  • The primary apportion pronounced a UK apprehension hazard turn would sojourn during serious – a second top – definition an conflict is “highly likely”
  • Westminster subterraneous hire was close and remained open for rotate usually
  • Home Secretary Amber Rudd urged everybody to sojourn ease though be observant and if they see anything they are endangered about news it to a police
  • A organisation of French schoolchildren were on a overpass and 3 were injured
  • One lady was discovered after falling into a River Thames as a assailant gathering on a cement of Westminster Bridge
  • 13 students from Edge Hill University in Lancashire were also caught adult in a incident – dual were taken to sanatorium and described as walking wounded; dual others had teenager injuries
  • People disturbed about family and friends can call a military misadventure business on: 0800 056 0944 or 0207 158 0010. Anyone with images or footage of a occurrence is urged to send them to


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A male believed to be a think perceived medical treatment, while dual knives distortion on a floor

By Dominic Casciani, home affairs correspondent

The destruction on Westminster Bridge and inside a drift of Parliament is a conflict that confidence chiefs here in a UK have prolonged been scheming for.

Terrorism looks not only to kill and censor – though to emanate panic and such a clarity of commotion that it rocks a city or republic to a foundations.

And this assailant sought to do so in as low-tech approach as is possible.

The days when terrorism meant large, formidable bombs and months of formulation are gone: Western confidence agencies – quite MI5 and a partner agencies – are very, really good during identifying those plots and disrupting them.

The longer it takes to devise such an attack, a some-more people who are involved, a some-more chances there will be for confidence services to learn what is going on.

Read some-more from Dominic

Eyewitness Rick Longley said: “We were only walking adult to a hire and there was a shrill crash and a guy, someone, crashed a automobile and took some pedestrians out.

“They were only laying there and afterwards a whole throng only surged around a dilemma by a gates only conflicting Big Ben.

“A man came past my right shoulder with a large blade and only started plunging it into a policeman.

“I have never seen anything like that. we only can’t trust what we only saw.”

Media caption‘At slightest 5 mown down’ by automobile on Westminster Bridge
Media caption“Man in black relocating his arm in a approach that suggested he was possibly stabbing or distinguished the… policeman” – publisher Quentin Letts

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Police approximate suspected assailant on a yard in front of Parliament

An eye witness, Radoslaw Sikorski, a comparison associate during Harvard’s Centre for European Studies, posted a video to Twitter display people fibbing harmed in a highway on Westminster Bridge.

Media captionSteve Voake, eyewitness: “I attempted to stop people entrance on to a bridge”

In other developments:

  • MPs were sealed in a House of Commons for some-more than 4 hours and business suspended
  • Around 1,000 people were taken to Westminster Abbey for reserve and were afterwards processed by police
  • The House of Commons and Lords will lay during their common times on Thursday
  • The White House pronounced Mrs May had oral to President Donald Trump about a attack
  • The Eiffel building went dim during midnight in loyalty to a London victims

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