Meet a 12 finalists during ShowStoppers’ LaunchIt startup foe during CES

Startups are taking over CES. While a Sonys and Samsungs of a consumer wiring attention are presenting their latest and biggest inclination today, hundreds of companies are also creation their approach to Las Vegas to benefaction some nifty hardware products.

That’s a reason because TechCrunch is organizing a Hardware Battlefield. It’s usually like a Battlefield startup foe during TechCrunch Disrupt, solely with hardware startups exclusively.

ShowStoppers has also been regulating a startup foe for a past 5 years. We wanted to see what LaunchIt was all about, so we went to see a finals and check out those companies. Without serve ado, accommodate a 12 finalists of a ShowStoppers LaunchIt startup foe — that was won by Nonda.

Akoustic Arts

Akoustic Arts is a French startup of 6 people. The association is rising a A, a directional speaker. It’s like a normal speaker, yet it creates a really targeted sound. You have to mount in front of a orator to hear a sound.

For instance, this could be utterly useful if you’re examination TV and we don’t wish to disquiet a rest of a house. There are other directional speakers out there, yet Akoustic Arts is observant that competing speakers are many bigger.

The startup skeleton to sell a speakers to malls, museums, hotels and eventuality spaces. For instance, we could mount in front of a portrayal to listen to a description. Second, a association skeleton to confederate a orator with several OEMs, such as TV makers. The association is looking for $3 million.

Akoustic Arts is already articulate with several partners, such as a Musée des Confluences in Lyon, Vinci, AccorHotels, etc.

We got a live demo of a speaker. It’s a Mac Mini-sized device and it worked as expected. Now let’s see if they can spin a cold product into a remunerative company.

Cosmo Connected

Cosmo Connected is a connected helmet for cyclists, skiers and other sports enthusiasts who rivet in sports and other activities that are dangerous adequate to need conduct word (downhill skateboarders maybe?). The thought behind a product is to assistance riders (be they on a quick motorcycle or a Vespa) equivocate accidents. The categorical reason for accidents, a association argues, is due to other drivers not saying a motorcycle riders.

The product aims to solve dual issues: assistance riders be seen and — in box that doesn’t work — warning a puncture response. Because riders mostly delayed down yet drumming a break, a helmet includes an accelerometer that triggers a mangle light when it notices a motorcycle is negligence down.

When we tumble or have an accident, a built-in gyroscope will notice this and trigger an warning on your phone to check if we are okay (which should also assistance equivocate fake alarms). If a supplement doesn’t respond within a set time, a concentration will warning your puncture contact, as good as a internal authorities to dispatch an ambulance.

Over time, a association skeleton to pierce a record to other markets. This includes cyclists, skiers and other sports enthusiasts who rivet in quick and unsure activities. The product will sell for $99 and will be accessible in May.


FoldiMate is a washing folding machine. That’s fundamentally all we need to know. As a colleague once said, many tech companies are perplexing to reinstate your silent with record so that we don’t have to do things that adults routinely do.

FoldiMate’s judgment can de-wrinkle and overlay your clothes. The company’s judgment video from Jun 2016 got . The association afterwards managed to attract 7,000 pre-orders.

We saw a video of a prototype. You feed your garments to a appurtenance from a top, one by one. A integrate of mins later, we get a lift of folded clothes. It’s tough to tell from a video if it’s an tangible operative prototype. FoldiMate skeleton to boat during a finish of 2018.

Kiddo by Good Parents

Good Parents is a appurtenance training startup that focuses on health and well-being. Its initial product is a Kiddo — a wearable for kids that’s radically a Fitbit with a lovable plaque on it instead of a display. The Kiddo marks hear rate, temperature, perspiration rate and motion.

The company argues that many relatives who wish to guard their kids’ health currently usually have really wanton collection during their disposal. As Good Parents CEO CJ Swamy argues, his competitors simply aren’t focused on a kid’s contentment and instead concentration on tracking a child’s plcae or movement, yet zero else. He also remarkable that a kid’s biometrics are really opposite — and kids also tend to toss and spin distant some-more mostly while they are sleeping than adults do.

The thought here is to build an ecosystem for improved medical government for kids — before they get sick.

The devise is to boat a device in a first week of March. It’ll sell for between $99 and $119.

For now, a Kiddo can only talk to iOS. The company, that has already lifted about $2 million, has teamed adult with word companies in a U.S. and Asia.


HoloLamp is an protracted existence device. It uses an visible apparition to pretence your mind into meditative that you’re looking during 3D objects.

The device looks like a nightstand lamp. It uses face tracking so that a intent changes as we pierce your head. This way, we consider you’re looking during a 3D object.

There are some enchanting industrial applications. If a alloy wants to explain what’s function with your heart, it’s a some-more visible approach to explain a situation. The startup is also meditative about house games. Finally, we could use a HoloLamp for communication applications.

The device is going to cost around $1,000 initially. It uses a pico projector and a few cameras to lane your face.


InMotion, just like Cosmo Connected, aims to keep motorcycle riders, skiers, equine riders and bikers safe. The association creates a intelligent connected wearable airbag that automatically deploys when it senses an destined fall. The device, that is radically a jacket, constantly measures a wearers’ movements and afterwards inflates when necessary. Unlike other airbags, a InMotion airbag is reusable and users can simply discourage it and reinstate a atmosphere plug to use a same coupler again.

The company’s coupler for skiers is already accessible in shops and a association is previewing a coupler for motorcyclists at this year’s CES. No matter a market, a complement consists of a inflatable jacket, as good as a “Inbox” device with all a sensors that can also speak to your phone.

The association is already operative with a series of ski companies that discharge a airbag, that costs about €800, to about 200 shops in Europe today.

After cornering a motorcycling market, a association skeleton to take on a horse-riding market, that is obvious for a affinity of innovation. Next.


Kino-mo is operative on holograms. It’s a fan-shaped device that we shave to a table. It afterwards spins to emanate a arrange of arrangement that floats in a air. we contingency contend that it looks utterly good.

It has 4 slight screens and tricks your mind into meditative that you’re looking during a hologram once it spins. It’s going to cost between $700 and $3,000, depending on a size.

The startup wants to assistance companies emanate enchanting promotion campaigns. All vital billboard promotion companies have gotten in hold with Kino-mo, including JC Decaux.


Nonda aims to make any automobile — even an aged one — a connected automobile (just like any other connected automobile company, like Automatic). As Nonda CEO Nick Staubach noted, a immeasurable infancy of U.S. cars (over 75 percent) still don’t support Bluetooth (though that series is apparently disappearing quickly). With some-more than a billion cars on a road, though, that’s still a vast market.

The association says it creates a best-selling U.S. connected automobile device already, interjection to a $30 ZUS Smart Car Charger. Staubach argues that a company’s concentration on simplicity, peculiarity and accessibility (in terms of a cars and phones it supports) has authorised it to dilemma a vast cube of a market.

At CES this year, a association is rising a series of new products, including a pivotal finder, a tire sensor and a really clever cable.


Parihug is a device that lets we cuddle another chairman opposite a internet. It looks like a teddy bear. The harder we cuddle it, a stronger a response will be during a other end.

If we skip a hug, you’ll get an warning on your phone as we can bond your Parihug to your phone regulating Bluetooth. The association is meditative about troops associate networks as a good market, for instance. It’s also a good approach for a primogenitor to stay connected to their children.


Revinax wants to assistance people learn improved by a assistance of what it calls “immersive tutorials.” The company’s CEO and co-founder M. Ros is a surgeon and his association has prolonged been concerned in regulating practical existence to sight doctors. The surgical workforce, a association argues, will have to enhance severely over a subsequent few years, yet in many countries, entrance to doctors who can learn is lacking.

Revinax uses 3D cameras to film surgeries and doctors can afterwards use their VR helmets to investigate another doctor’s technique. Given that these videos can simply play on smartphones, a company’s tutorials are also simply accessible to probably any surgeon.

The association has teamed adult with companies like Baxter, Boston Scientific, Coloplast and Stryker to rise tutorials for them.

Looking ahead, Revinax plans to enter a U.S. marketplace and lift a initial appropriation round.


TwinswHeel was combined by twin brothers from France. Benjamin is an automotive and aeronautic engineer, while Vincent is an automotive complement engineer.

TwinswHeel is an automotive car for carriers. It looks like a tiny droid with dual bicycle wheels on any side. It can lift 40kg over 10km, that creates it good to broach all kinds of packages. While many companies like Amazon are operative on smoothness drones, a belligerent droid like this one could also be a useful solution.

The categorical marketplace is apparently going to be e-commerce. With one droid, we can broach a homogeneous of 3 Postmates deliveries. And, obviously, it could also be many cheaper. So a subsequent time we see someone roving a bike with a Deliveroo or Postmates bag, consider about a drudge that could reinstate them.

The droid has 4 cameras to make certain that nobody is going to take a package.


Wezr is a mobile continue hire that automatically corrects customary continue forecasts that tend to cover a vast area to improved compare your accurate location. Wezr CEO Stephane Diner argues that a impact of continue on a U.S. economy is tighten to $2 trillion.

Because a internal continue forecasts are usually updated any 6 hours, they tend to be reduction accurate than a some-more unchanging foresee formed on your internal data. The hire measures temperature, sleet amount, steam and other data. The association afterwards combines this information with a exclusive algorithms

The association skeleton to initial aim a outside sports market. It’s rising in France in a few weeks and has lifted usually over $800,000 so far.

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