Should Yankees put A-Rod in booth? YES!

While a Bombers are perplexing to rise marquee talent, bringing Alex Rodriguez into a TV counter as a member of a Yankees Entertainment Sports Network would extract adult a telecasts in what could be an implausible timorous deteriorate in a Bronx.

With a Yankees still overdue him $20 million, A-Rod would spin a tip paid informal ball researcher in a story of a game. As a inhabitant mouth, operative Fox’s postseason studio, a sinister slugger has been really vehement while delivering insights.

Would Rodriguez move a same proceed to YES? Or would he take a vanilla path?

It competence count how YES suits use him. They could dump him into YES’ Land of A Thousand Analysts to work a name series of games or use him in a studio where he competence be some-more gentle in a scripted environment.

The many constrained option, by far, is diversion analyst. Rodriguez would be called on to offer extemporaneous analysis, operative with another former actor (imagine A-Rod interconnected with Paul O’Neill?) and Michael Kay. Unplugged A-Rod, so to speak, would make this contingency see ball TV.

Or would it?

The gamble here is Rodriguez will not go out of his proceed to rabble a actor in pinstripes, or even a Joe Girardi decision. You consider A-Rod, who already went off on Randy Levine during Rodriguez’s destroyed earth Yankees campaign, would have left on a atmosphere and criticized a Bombers prez following his Dellin Betances spiel?

Also, Rodriguez, even before his “instructor” role, was famous as a man who effectively mentored immature Yankee players. It’s rarely doubtful he will unexpected spin around and be vicious of them during a YES telecast. Then there is his attribute with Yankees handling ubiquitous partner Hal Steinbrenner, who is bullish on stability a team’s attribute with Rodriguez.

It is not a strech to suggest, Rodriguez would not contend anything on a atmosphere that competence come tighten to offending Steinbrenner. Get it? If A-Rod goes to work for YES, don’t design any provocative, headline-making, commentary. He’s not going to unexpected morph into Keith Hernandez. What Rodriguez has to establish is this: Would a “soft” proceed on YES (owned by Fox) harm a repute he’s warranted on a inhabitant TV stage?

One agent, who requested anonymity since he represents some distinguished ball analysts, pronounced he would advise Rodriguez to pass on YES.

“It’s too risky. Plenty of analysts work on their former team’s broadcasts though nothing are removing paid $20 million. Why jeopardise a attribute he’s rebuilt with a Yankees by putting him in a conditions where he could alienate a organization,” a representative said. “If he wants to work diversion telecasts we would expostulate him to a purpose on Fox’s informal (Saturday) product. But if he insisted on YES we would advise him to work a studio where a sourroundings is some-more tranquil and he has some-more time to delineate his opinions.”

That’s famous as personification it safe. And judging by this Love Fest between Alex Rodriguez and a Yankees that’s a track he will take if he goes to work for YES. It might be good for a business of A-Rod though won’t be good for his broadcasting credibility.

How sad.


Many moons ago when ESPN2 was created, a Bristol Clown Community College Faculty pronounced it would be a hipper chronicle of ESPN. We would shortly find out a Faculty’s thought of hip was Keith Olbermann captioning highlights while wearing a leather jacket.

So, when ESPN branded a 6-7p.m. container “The Six” as a hipper chronicle of SportsCenter, we figured co-hosts Jemele Hill (did she remove her feisty side?) and Michael Smith would be creation their possess conform statement. They demeanour good. A lot improved than a show. “The Six” should be re-named “The Hodgepodge.”

Let’s usually contend it lacks direction. And that’s being kind. Watching a Thursday book gave us a box of whiplash. From an opinion segment, to an talk with an ESPN (what a startle a uncover is complicated in cross-promotion) NBA reporter, to a shred on Jameis Winston’s difference of “wisdom” to those propagandize kidz, to highlights of “Top Neighborhood Plays” (sponsored, of course) to this…. That….. and STOP! we feel like I’m about to chuck up.

Oh, we forgot to discuss a didactic chaff that is ostensible to apart this uncover from all a other didactic chaff shows on ESPN. Now, we know when one criticizes one of these new ESPN entries a response is always “‘it’s a generational thing, we don’t get it.”

Let’s usually contend we can be 8 or 80 and still commend a sight mutilate when we see it.

And that’s what “The Six” is becoming.


Chris Christie’s tenure as Governor of New Jersey doesn’t finish until Jan 2018. Yet that’s not stopped him from plainly campaigning (he already has has dual feet out a door) to reinstate Mike Francesa whose tenure as Sports Pope ends Dec. 15.

CBS Radio suits – they will make a preference on a destiny of WFAN afternoon expostulate – will have to name Francesa’s deputy by mid-summer. This means if there is not already negotiating going now it will start soon. And if Christie is a tip tier candidate, how do these negotiations impact his ability to govern?

And if he knows by summers finish that he’s got Francesa’s gig, that would expected compensate Christie $1 million per for 3 years, is his conduct going to be into using a state from Jul until a center of January? Or will he spend a summer furloughed NFL training camps?

That’s famous as politricks. Good luck, New Jersey.


When she hired Magic Johnson, Jeanie Buss did a Free World a favor. She got a Hall of Famer to leave his ESPN “Saturday Countdown” gig. The Faculty did not see it as a dispute when Johnson was operative as an “advisor” to a Lakers, though could not keep him bloviating while he’s using a team.

Johnson, who over a years worked many gigs on ESPN, never delivered a products as an analyst. He wasn’t vicious and his singular knocks were bulletin driven. He done a electioneer out of ripping Lakers coronet and it eventually paid off to a indicate where he now is using basketball operations.

Yet, when it came to other teams it always seemed Johnson had info though chose to play it. In doing so, he cheated viewers. Now, when it comes to TV, he’s gonzo. Here’s anticipating he has a long, long, long, run in a Lakers front office.


The usually thing some-more tedious than a delayed ball diversion is Valley of a Stupid Gasbags deliberating ways to speed adult a tilts.

And a contention always dances around a vital issue. The diversion could be sped adult – immediately—by slicing a apportionment of a blurb time between innings. Instead of attempting to explain how a awaiting of in-game spots or on-screen product chain could be used during diversion action, VOS preachers boot a idea observant “it will never happen, MLB/Networks won’t give adult a money.”

That’s a copout.


How do Foxies explain this: The re-airing of (Stephen A. Smith/ Max Kellerman) “First Take,” is violence a strange airing of FS1’s (Skip Bayless/Shannon Sharpe “Undisputed” in a ratings by a 2-1 margin…..With many FAN talkies (CBS Sports radio mouths too) meditative they have a shot during replacing a Pope there is tragedy in a FANCave. “People are walking around watchful to get stabbed in a back,” one gossip said…. Things don’t seem to be any improved over during WOR-AM. After relating a story about a WOR “SportsZone” coming by Kevin James, explaining how “SZ” horde Pete McCarthy told James that swap Gasbag Sal Licata once ripped a comedian/Mets fan, Licatta incited a tables on P-Mac. “Pete threw me underneath a bus,” Licata pronounced on a air. “Pete is all about hitch Pete,” Ouch!

* * *


The new football manager during Texas didn’t cocktail out of a blow-dried, prefabricated pack so many younger vital college coaches seem to come from. Herman told a Dallas Morning News that as a teen he was dismissed from his gig as a sandwich artist during Subway after being held stuffing pastrami in his mouth inside a store’s food locker. What legit New Yorker could not brand with a cat who craved a ambience of this deli delicacy? Good fitness removing real-deal pastrami in Austin.


What is it about a immeasurable infancy of slugs, er, sluggers from a chemical epoch who can’t seem to know humility/grace and usually acknowledge to bad choices? Sosa, a former Cub, has been close out of a classification for some-more than a decade and after his goofy, rather unresponsive remarks this week it’s transparent Sammy Sosa Day during Wrigley Field is not in a formulation stages. Just another unhappy sign of an epoch that ball should be ashamed of rather than celebrate.


What Carmelo Anthony said: “We (he and Phil Jackson ) see any other. You wish me to spend some-more time with him in a office?”

What Carmelo Anthony meant to say: “I’m already stranded in this kooky jar. And now we wish me to spend peculiarity time with Phil too?”

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