Mike Francesa’s WFAN exit will be pivotal storyline of 2017

The festive round dump in Times Square had zero on a flickering lights educational Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa’s WFAN patio on New Year’s Eve. If we are to trust he is serious, a final countdown to a pontiff’s FAN exit, a finish to scarcely 3 decades of dismissive pontificating, is on.

As a matter of fact, Sunday will symbol Francesa’s final unchanging deteriorate “Football Sunday” show. Last week, on a air, Francesa pronounced he won’t do a module in 2017 since he would be withdrawal FAN in Dec and could not account a NFL deteriorate in a entirety.

If these are a final days, there can be no denying Francesa had a tremendous, even historic, run. With most pomposity he has not usually been THE go-to Gasbag, though confirmed high ratings, that kept a “competition,” ESPN-98.7, in a Pope Mobile’s rearview mirror.

Mike Francesa

(James Devaney/GC Images)

No doubt a story of Francesa’s exit from FAN will be one of a bigger ones of 2017. It will be accompanied by twists, turns and speculation. We are doubtful he will indeed skip and won’t trust it until it happens. The fact Francesa announced his intentions a year before his depart date is extraordinary and raises questions.

Francesa reveals final uncover date, skeleton with ‘Mad Dog’

At a time of his announcement, a radio business was on unsure financial ground. It still is in a toilet. In terms of earnings, FAN is not what it once was. And a malnutritioned bottom line is adversely impacted by over-paying a Yankees for their radio rights. And, to a obtuse extent, profitable Francesa a income that can't be lonesome by a ad income his uncover pulls in.

Did Francesa review a tea leaves and figure out his salary, between $3.5-$4.5 million per, was going to be drastically cut? Did he wish to give a suits some-more time to contemplate what his exit would meant to a hire in terms of serve waste from an promotion sales standpoint?

What would occur (and it’s a longshot) if government did not cut his income or even boost it? The play here is a Pope’s WFAN career would continue. Another scenario: Management splits afternoon expostulate into dual shows, with Francesa doing one. Obviously his income would be cut though he could clear it since he would be operative fewer hours.

If he does indeed leave, where will Francesa land? Although he would immediately extract 98.7’s ratings, ESPN is not profitable Francesa-like income to a internal talkie.

Joe Buck’s depart from FOX MLB counter would go opposite a norm

Like Bill Simmons, will Francesa emanate his possess media company, rise programming, and sell a rights to a distributor? Or will he cut a understanding with James (Guitar Jimmy) Dolan and emanate a new uncover for a MSG Network. Anything is possible. Yet, it’s tough to suppose Francesa totally removing out of a business and not carrying an opening to evangelise to a unsanitary masses.

Whoever has to follow his act will not have an easy time. Only NJ Guv Chris Christie could — literally — fill Francesa’s chair. Still, there will be no necessity of suspects, too countless to name, who will raid over any other to get a gig. FAN trainer Mark Chernoff and Chris Oliviero, CBS Radio’s VP/programming, will name Francesa’s successor.

If he indeed leaves.

The finish of a deteriorate can’t come quick adequate for Brandon Marshall and a Jets.

(Howard Simmons/New York Daily News)


Why has-been Terry Bradshaw is a jerk of a week

Brandon Marshall was AGAIN a no-show on Showtime’s “Inside a NFL.” So, he was incompetent to elaborate/spin some of his new comments (he was astounded there were no “fistfights” in a Jets locker room) or use a inhabitant height to answer some of his detractors.

It’s been a severe integrate of weeks for Marshall. His made-for-TV design took a beating. And not usually from Sheldon Richardson. On SNY’s Jets postgame uncover following a Pats debacle, researcher Mike Westhoff, after listening to Marshall’s enigmatic comments, mocked him, saying: “Next, we approaching to hear something about chanting and incense.”

Later in a week, it got tougher. In so many difference Willie Colon questioned his former teammate’s motives and sincerity. “All I’ve seen is theatrics out of Brandon instead of production,” Colon pronounced on SNY. “What Sheldon is observant is ‘you’re ostensible to be a personality and we can’t find you.’ If we wish to indicate your finger during anybody indicate it during yourself.”

Marshall is scheduled to lapse to “ITN” this week. He should have copiousness to discuss.

Antonio Brown to Jets WR Brandon Marshall: You owe me a Porsche


Sometimes it’s usually improved to cut your losses.

Unfortunately, ESPN-98.7’s Anita Marks doesn’t allow to that theory. Wednesday morning on “Mike Mike” she vapor-locked. Rather than job Aaron Rodgers a Packers QB, she kept job “Brett Favre” a Green Bay QB. OK, it was early. Not a finish of a world.

Instead of vouchsafing it go, Marks returned to a 98.7 airwaves a few hours after trumpeting her mistake. Guess she suspicion it was funny. Or maybe she usually indispensable some material. Marks done a impulse even some-more curious, and tremble inducing, by seeking if her gaffe was “as bad as that Dallas continue report,” an apparent anxiety to Francesa’s harangue on Big-D continue and a retractable dome.

HEAR IT: Mike Francesa talks about new Las Vegas trip

This contingency be what sports-talk radio during a excellent unequivocally is, right?


With all a prohibited atmosphere floating from a sports media machine, it’s tough removing a spot of anything different.

Fox’s Terry Bradshaw cut by a gusts with his explanation on Mike Tomlin, job a Steelers manager a “cheerleader.” For his slicing remarks, Bradshaw was sliced and diced in countless media quarters, that enclosed former players incited yakkers like Phil Simms and Norman Julius Esiason.

Craig Sager’s career tangible by blazers, firmness and large heart

Yet in a media universe where participants are speedy to move courtesy to themselves, T.B. was usually following a doctor’s orders. Not that this is anything new to him. Bradshaw has been ticking people off, including NFL media types, for years.

How brave he!

Now, he has fundamentally an hour to play with on Sunday morning. One of 17 hours of pregame programming. Bradshaw on Fox still stays a contingency watch. For we never know what he competence say.

Just ask Tomlin.

Russia admits Sochi doping liaison was ‘institutional conspiracy’


Listening to some fascinating discussions on how HOF electorate are softening their position and casting votes for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens seems to always embody a line like this: The steroids epoch is a partial of baseball’s story and should be enclosed in Cooperstown.

That’s fine. Question: How does anyone know a “steroids era” in ball is indeed over. Players still get destitute and dangling for PEDs. If this is now supposed as routine, common place, if steroids cheats will be la-dee-da-ing their approach into Cooperstown, does this meant inquisitive sports reporters, who once were all over this stuff, have been put on a shelf?

The changing media priorities, total with a financial state of a biz, seems to be creation this assertive coverage a thing of a past. And that’s troubling.

Sad too.


If zero else, John (Pa Pinstripe) Sterling is consistent. Working a few midday shifts on WFAN final week, Sterling returned us to a days when he was Gasbagging on WMCA. Back then, he despised being interrupted by a tourist and he still, given his pompous remarks, doesn’t puncture it. Maybe that’s because Suzyn (Ma Pinstripe) Waldman doesn’t ever cut him off… The Fill-In Follies continued with FAN teaming Marc Malusis and Kimberly Jones in morning drive. It’s not a initial time they have gigged together. Jones takes herself really seriously. Malusis? Not so much. Makes for an engaging and listenable pairing of Gasbags… After saying that design of Odell Beckham Jr. sitting in front of his locker, it’s usually a matter of time before he releases a engineer line of ripped underwear. Maybe he can remonstrate Pat Hanlon to model.

* * *


For their sheet sales gimmick. Face it, when we haven’t won an NBA pretension in many moons we need to be artistic and peaceful to play to captivate new customers. So, a Bucks have introduced an resourceful 10-game sheet devise “10 WIN SUPERPASS” enabling fans to squeeze a sheet to a subsequent 10 “Bucks home wins,” though we usually compensate for a 10 games a Bucks win, no matter how prolonged it takes. Fans could get a giveaway float until open on this deal. Maybe a Jets should consider of charity this devise to their fans.


Earlier this week Russian jaunty officials admitted even they can no longer explain that a systemic, bootleg and dangerous use of doping to try and win some-more Olympic medals did not take place on their watch. The justification is monumental, a impact devastating. So a subsequent time a media opening tries to hang a thought of satisfactory foe and society inside a Olympic Rings of purity, postponement before guzzling a tellurian mixture of Kool-Aid. It might be tainted.


What Chan Gailey said: “I consider it’s a innumerable of things that happened during opposite times that combined problems for us.”

What Chan Gailey meant to say: “We sucked!”

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