Hit on Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick draws regard and questions

Not so prolonged ago, football voices would applaud a player’s toughness, a ability to take a shot and keep on performing. The NFL’s importance on actor safety, generally per intensity concussions, is muting a bravado.

After Ryan Fitzpatrick had his helmet distant from his conduct by Browns DB Briean Boddy-Calhoun, who administered a infamous helmet-to-helmet strike to a Jets QB using along a sidelines, Rich Gannon, a CBS researcher didn’t applaud a quarterback’s toughness.

Instead Gannon emphasized how a “independent observers” had changed fast (they were on camera) to put Fitzpatrick by a concussion protocol.

“That’s a right thing to do,” Gannon said. “That was a nasty hit.”

Jets still personification inexcusable football in win over Browns

Yet as Fitzpatrick was stinking adult a corner in a initial half (3 of 14), conjunction Gannon nor play-by-play male Kevin Harlan ever speculated that a bad opening competence have had something to do with a aftershocks of removing his bell rung.

It would have been a legit indicate to make.

Norman Julius Esiason did only that during CBS’ halftime report. As a replay of Boddy-Calhoun’s strike aired, Esiason pronounced he didn’t “know since he (Fitzpatrick) is (still) out there” playing.

“That is about as infamous a strike to a conduct as we are going to take. His play is reflecting it,” Esiason said. “I’m wondering since he’s on a field. … It only doesn’t demeanour right.”

Jets equivocate chagrin opposite Browns with quip in 31-28 win

Fitzpatrick would go on to yield plenty justification he had jarred a cobwebs, looking most crook in a second half as Gang Green overcame a 13-point necessity to win 31-28. Credit Esiason with revisiting his halftime comments on CBS’ postgame show.

“A lot of us, including yours truly, wondered if he was knocked for a loop and shouldn’t have come behind in a second half,” Esiason said. “But he did.”

Still, Esiason’s cautionary halftime explanation was well-placed and appropriate.


Bryce Petty named Jets backup QB to Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Browns

That was a heck of a opening Todd (Mr. Sunshine) Bowles offering adult during his postgame press discussion after Jets-Browns.

The words, by a male of few words, clearly desirous SNY’s Chad Cascadden, who wigged on Gang Green.

“Why are we entrance out slow? Why are we sleepwalking? It’s ridiculous,” Cascadden screeched. “It’s ridiculous. This is a NFL. A male (i.e. Bowles) shouldn’t have to go into a locker room and scream during a garland of grown group to get going.”

Yes, a Jets came out zombie-like opposite winless Cleveland. Yet Bowles and his moment staff should share some of a censure for apparently not pulling a right proclivity buttons.


Wherever Eli Manning was spending his Sunday bye, his ears contingency have been burning.

The Giants QB had a day off and was still removing torched. This was ugly. On CBSSN’s “That Other Pregame Show,” a row was asked to envision what would have happened if a Manning-Philip Rivers trade never went down.

The always pointed London Fletcher pronounced Rivers would have won “three, maybe 4 Super Bowls” if he played for a Giants. “Eli Manning, we don’t consider he’s still in a joining right now (if he played for San Diego) since we don’t consider he would have played as good as Rivers has played in San Diego,” Fletcher said.

Wait, there was more. TOPS Gasbag Chris Simms continued transfer on Manning.

Ryan Fitzpatrick takes a infamous strike that leads to voices lifting regard if he has a concussion.

(Ken Blaze/USA Today Sports)

“Eli is toward a bottom of football as distant as quarterback play right now,” Simms said. “He does get a giveaway pass during times since of a Super Bowl thing, that I’m so ill of, ‘Oh, he’s got dual Super Bowls,’ so now he can hang around and be normal for 6 some-more years.”



Maybe it’s me, though it appears a NFL Network has vital pangs of shame over how a boss, Roger Goodell, treated Tom Brady during DeflateGate.

Each and each Sunday morning a expel of “GameDay First” or “GameDay Morning” genuflects to Major Tom. Hey, Brady deserves most credit and respect.

But doing these tributes, sheltered as features, is removing tired.

Another one aired on both shows Sunday. Then again, with 6 hours to fill each Sunday morning during a season, NFLN can do a lot worse murdering time than figuratively kissing Brady’s tuchis.

It keeps a NFL-owned skill divided from controversy, right?


The Steve Smith Sr. Media Audition Tour continued Sunday on CBS’ “The NFL Today,” with a Ravens wideout informing eyeballs in assemblage a NFL is some-more committed to posterior those who rivet in extreme celebrations than others with off-the-field issues, like those indicted of domestic violence.

Smith, who was once dangling for violence adult a teammate during practice, apparently knows a details and outs of what goes down in a NFL offices. That would give him singular methodical abilities, right?

But if Mr. Smith is indeed posterior a post-playing media career — he’s already a unchanging on ESPN Radio — he competence wish to concentration on his delivery.

Smith talks faster than he runs, creation it tough to know him. When Smith is ripping a NFL he should delayed down, relax.

Consider that giveaway advice.


On this occasion, we indeed accepted a Trent Dilfer ESPN “Countdown” Sermon.

And a male done a point, a unequivocally good point. Dilfer pronounced when Ryan Fitzpatrick gave his spiel about how a coach, a GM and a owners no longer believed in him, a Jets QB was giving football consumers a singular demeanour into his soul.

“I conclude a soreness of Fitzpatrick’s responses. … Everybody wants us to be these indication adults and do all politically scold and never come out and contend what we unequivocally feel,” Dilfer said. “That’s what a NFL has turn and it can work opposite you.”

Dilfer went on to explain how he “took a high road” and kept his mouth close after Elvis Grbac pronounced a Ravens “now have a genuine quarterback” when Dilfer was not re-signed by a group following their Super Bowl winning season.

“That sourness and rancour we carried now for 16 years,” Dilfer pronounced Sunday on ESPN. “I could have come out and pronounced ‘this is wrong’ though we stayed out of it.”

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