Outspoken LeBron is a ‘new policeman in town,’ and we like it

Lesson here? You come during a King, we best not miss.

LeBron James unmistakably believes that Charles Barkley missed.

And on we go.

“I’m sleepy of satirical my tongue,” James told ESPN to interpretation an expanded and noted diatribe on Monday night about Barkley’s latest criticisms of him. “There’s a new policeman in town.”

LeBron James lashes out during Charles Barkley following Cavs’ loss

Barkley pursuit LeBron “whiny” or his faith that a NBA star’s open airing of a Cavaliers’ unwashed washing final week was “inappropriate” indeed wasn’t totally off a mark, honestly, though we continue to suffer and watch with seductiveness this new outspoken chronicle of James that we’ve witnessed over a past year.

Whether it’s speaking out on amicable or domestic issues, or pushing behind opposite Phil Jackson’s “posse” comments or going tough after Sir Charles now, a four-time MVP has embraced pity his opinions some-more plainly given bringing behind Cleveland’s initial championship given 1964 final spring.

LeBron James is finished with satirical his tongue… and it isn’t a bad thing.

(Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

“I’m not going to let him disregard my bequest like that,” James pronounced of Barkley. “I’m not a one who threw somebody by a window. we never separate on a kid. we never had delinquent debt in Las Vegas. we never said, ‘I’m not a purpose model.’ we never showed adult to All-Star Weekend on Sunday since we was in Vegas all weekend partying.

“All I’ve finished for my whole career is paint a NBA a right way. Fourteen years, never got in trouble. Respected a game. Print that.”

Derek Fisher is right about Phil Jackson and this year’s Knicks

Consider it printed, flattering most everywhere this morning.

Yes, LeBron has had unfortunate missteps, too. (Mostly, of course, involving “The Decision” radio special).

But for good measure, James kept going on Barkley — who has been a visit censor — pursuit him “a hater” and even throwing in a “screw Charles Barkley” during one indicate to ESPN kick author Dave McMenamin.

Charles Barkley

(John Locher/AP)

“And if this creates him wish to speak to me, a schedule’s out there,” James challenged of Barkley. “He knows each highway locus I’ll be in. Don’t only come adult to me during All-Star and shake my palm and smile.”

Hornacek rejects Derek Fisher’s research of his pursuit performance

Pleasantries positively seem to be over. There’s a new policeman in town, and we like it.


Along those lines, LeBron also suggested in a talk that he still holds a hate opposite Phil Jackson for snubbing him in a Garden oppulance suite a integrate of seasons ago.

Like Uncle Leo famously used to say, “You still contend hello.”

(Hat tip on that one to Mazzeo, a new Yanks kick writer).

Rex Ryan is open to returning to a Jets

— Also, it’s always good to see that Charles Oakley still can reduce a shoulder (also during Barkley) with a best of them.

— Leave it to Rex Ryan to spice adult Super Bowl week a bit, even if Super Bowl week is, well, mostly new to him.

— Speaking of outspoken guys, Martellus Bennett still would be a plain and fun fit behind with Eli and a Giants.

— Tom Brady’s father flattering most is observant everything that Tom Brady won’t contend publicly, right?

Rex Ryan on his NFL future: I’m ‘tired of removing f–ked’

— My take on a Islanders’ ever-murky conditions stays this: don’t be repelled if they renegotiate franchise terms and sojourn stranded in Brooklyn for a bit longer.

Also, pardon me if I’m not utterly as assured of someone handing a latest owners a new locus somewhere in a area.

— No emanate during all with Alain Vigneault removing another integrate of years with a Rangers.

— TMZ is stating that Derek Fisher allegedly had his 5 NBA championship rings stolen in a home thievery on Monday, a same day that his Bleacher Report mainstay came out taking shots during Hornacek and a Knicks and a triangle offense.

Still open to suggestions on a applicable punchline here, though we only found that interesting.


On Day 2 of Super Bowl week, here are my Top-5 Tom Brady TV/movie cameos or moments.

5. TED 2


3. ENTOURAGE (Warning: Explicit language)



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