Bleacher Report brag Mark Cuban behaving a lot like Donald Trump

Mark Cuban has left from an outspoken NBA owners to a straight-up bully.

And while a Best Picture endowment during a Oscars was a biggest media destroy of a weekend, a tighten second goes to Bleacher Report for permitting Cuban to control their coverage, environment a dangerous fashion for a sports media and a ability to be even softly critical.

On Saturday, Cuban demanded an reparation from Bleacher Report after a website tweeted a video of Mavs star Dirk Nowitzki throwing adult an atmosphere round with a title “DIRK FOREVER.” Cuban dismissed off an indignant email with a theme “Are we f—ing teasing me?” to Turner boss David Levy (Bleacher Report’s primogenitor corporation) and NBA commissioner Adam Silver perfectionist an reparation for a snarky tweet.

In an email sell with Levy that Cuban posted online, a Mavs owners threatened to “communicate with a millennials in a approach we know how to.” Bleacher Report after caved and deleted a tweet.

Angry Mark Cuban blasts Bleacher Report over Nowitzki tweet

“It was unpleasant to one of my employees who happens to be one of a biggest NBA players of all time,” Cuban wrote in an email to a Daily News Monday morning. “I’m all for humor. And no one is some-more self deprecating than Dirk. But infrequently attempts during amusement go wrong and backfire. This was one of those cases.”

Come on. The man shot an atmosphere ball. Since when is that off limits?

Cuban pronounced a video of a erring shot was OK, yet a heading with it went too far. He pronounced he was not a usually one who felt a twitter was too meant and that other replies to it “reflected a clarity of outrage.”

Sure, Nowitzki is an all-time talent, yet even MIchael Jordan got crossed adult once by Allen Iverson. Did Jordan ever protest that video was common too many by a media? Shaquille O’Neal was eviscerated for years given of his inability to fire giveaway throws. Closer to home, Patrick Ewing went by his whole Knicks career removing beaten by a press. Maybe Cuban should be a small reduction sensitive.

Mark Cuban trolls President Trump during NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

“No we didn’t overreach,” he said. “I have been station adult for my employees and Mavs players given a day we bought a team. That won’t ever change.”

Except there’s a disproportion between station adult for your people and holding things too far. This is an instance of a rabbit-eared NBA owners regulating his large height and energy to nozzle a media, that has turn a inhabitant emanate that extends good over a sports locus these days. It’s unsuitable on any beat.

President Donald Trump, yet his underlings, is perplexing to overpower a media.

(Pool/Getty Images)

On Friday, a White House, of that Cuban has been intensely critical, barred a Daily News and other media outlets from attending a cackle with Press Secretary Sean Spicer. It comes during a time when a tenure “fake news” is thrown around like an anvil and President Trump, a visit Cuban target, bullies a press on an roughly daily basis.

Cuban, for all a good things he does in a community, for all his large and innovative ideas in basketball and business, is exposing himself as a terrible deceiver cut from a same cloth as Trump. In this instance, they are one in a same.

Mark Cuban is Jerk of a Week for channel a line with refs

Dirk Forever? There are worse browns spoken any week on “Shark Tank” than that.

Cuban has a repute for removing on a refs with such coarse and repulsive function that a NBA referees’ organisation has called him a “threat to a firmness of a game.” Unlike Bleacher Report, a refs do not let Cuban change a approach they call a games. Imagine if they were as spineless.

This has been a sleazy slope for Cuban. His lane record with a press took a strike in Nov when he revoked a press certification of dual ESPN reporters given he was unfortunate with their changing roles.

It should be remarkable that Cuban is a many permitted owners in pro sports. But he is also doing a lot to demeanour like an implausible bully. The approach he treated Bleacher Report Saturday was no opposite than a approach Trump treated The News and other outlets a day earlier.

Cuban’s conniption was no opposite than a Trump Twitter tirade.

“But we are right,” Cuban said. “I have a same height as a President of a United States and apparently we have a same precedence and energy that he does. So yes, we are both bullies of equal proportion.”

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