Here’s what it was like to knowledge ‘Westworld’

NEW YORK — we went to Westworld IRL.

Ok, not actually. But for a brief 15 mins on Friday afternoon, it really felt like we had. 

Comic Con is home to dozens of themed activations designed to foster several shows and movies. Many of these practice now embody some kind of practical existence element.

So it came as no warn when HBO invited press — and New York Comic Con attendees — to knowledge a new show, Westworld  in VR.

I was intrigued, of course, since a grounds of a uncover itself is really eerie. The Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy play (based on a Michael Crighton film), that launched dual weeks ago, is about a emergence of synthetic alertness and what happens when humans try a universe in that each tellurian ardour (even if it’s sinful) can be indulged. 

So how does that interpret into a VR experience?

All we knew about a activation was a outline HBO sent.

Westworld: A Delos Destination was “built internally by HBO as partial of an ongoing investigate and growth beginning to try storytelling in Virtual Reality.” 

“The knowledge blends normal CG content, 360 live movement video, and genuine universe intent communication into one desirous piece,” HBO pronounced in a release. “It leverages Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) and is built to run natively on HTC’s Vive headset complement regulating Valve’s SteamVR program layer.  The live-action 360 video apportionment was shot on a Westworld set regulating a tradition 360 camera supply and gyro stabilization complement finished by Spherica, and a square was destined by Michelle MacLaren.”

Spots for a knowledge filled adult quickly, though we was propitious adequate to get squeezed in on Friday.

The initial thing we beheld was a hulk W on a outward of a building, that was located about a retard and a half divided from a Javits Center, where New York Comic Con is held. 

I walked in to a space, that was bright, still and scarcely abandoned of furniture. 

There, “hosts” dressed in all white stood during a opening and during a list down a prolonged hall. One horde immediately asked me: “Hello, do we have an appointment card?”

I panicked.

“No…um, we have an email confirmation? Saba, with err…Mashable.”

I wasn’t utterly certain if Mashable existed in Westworld. Actually we wasn’t even certain if technically we was ostensible to be in Westworld nonetheless (aka if a activation had begun). 

Suddenly another horde (by a approach they were all beautiful) came and pronounced “She’s ok — acquire Saba. We will get we situated shortly. Please, have a seat.”

Very polite, rather unsettling — though nonetheless we awaited my spin while sitting on one of dual black leather couches in a space. 

I was alone during first. But shortly another caller approached a list and checked in.

Meanwhile, dual flat-screen TVs projected images of Westworld straight from a array itself.

At accurately 4:02 p.m., we was escorted down a dim hallway. The horde afterwards asked: “This knowledge has striking violence, shrill flashes and nudity. Are we ok with that?” 

“Sure?” we said. 

“Ok, suffer your stay.”

I afterwards walked into a tiny temporary room that had only a chair with apparatus trustworthy to it. Another host, this one a male dressed in black, asked me if we had ever finished VR before. we pronounced “Yes”. He told me that if we ever felt worried during a activation to only lift my hand.

He helped me put on a headset, that took a while since we was perplexing to figure out if we could still fit my eyeglasses underneath a set. we eventually opted not to since it finished all some-more blurry. He put headphones on my ears, did a soundcheck and afterwards asked if we was ready.


“Welcome to Westworld.”

The VR knowledge kicked off with a male within a universe seeking me what gun and shawl I’d like to choose. we opted for a black pistol (I was holding on to a joining device that operated as my gun throughout) and a black cowboy shawl to match.

“I suspicion we competence collect that one,” a male said. He afterwards led me true to a park, where things, obviously, started to get crazy. 

As we transport by a world, there are easter eggs (which we won’t spoil in box we haven’t seen a initial dual episodes yet) shown in a 3 opposite locations, including a lab where a tour began. 

The time we struggled many in regulating a VR was when someone in a universe asked me to “sit down.” we was confused since we totally forgot that there was, in fact, a chair in a room. It took me a notation to spin around and physically lay in a chair.

Once we did so, we was probably wheeled around Delos, where we watched humans correlate with, and try to fix, a synthetic comprehension they had created. 

After that, my knowledge finally came to an end. When we left, my face was sweaty. we couldn’t tell if it was from wearing a headset for too prolonged or if we only felt too enthralled in Westworld.


As we left, one horde said: “We wish we enjoyed your stay.”

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