SEE IT: Eagles fan gets kicked in groin by Cowboys-loving wife

This Eagles fan was grounded.

In a weird viral video, a male — wearing a entirely antiquated Michael Vick jersey from a Eagles — agrees to let his wife, a Cowboys fan wearing a Tony Romo jersey, flog him block in a crotch.

And it is many really tough to watch.

The video stalls out for a good bit, with one commenter revelation a male who concluded to a gamble with his mother that he was about to get “Dan Baily kicked.”

But nearby a four-minute mark, this clearly sadistic mother lines adult and crushes her husband’s privates with her foot.

No shocker here: a male keels over and yelps in pain.

Philadelphia Eagles fan gets kicked in a genitals by his partner who is a Cowboys fan.

(Brandon Hubschman/Youtube)

The dignified of a story, during slightest to these few plotting football fans is don’t gamble opposite a Cowboys.

That’s comparatively sound recommendation right now, too, deliberation they are 6-1 and resting in initial place in a NFC East. Led by rookie phenom Dak Prescott, a Cowboys are a force to be reckoned with, carrying beaten teams like a Giants, Packers and Eagles.

As for a lead-footed wife, it stays to be seen either she wants to or has kids with this helpless, Vick-admiring fan.

Somehow, some way, a male rises during a finish — helmet “tears” with his sunglasses — and radically admonishes people opposite betting.

“That hurt. No some-more bets, no more,” he says. “…I’m crying!”

Viewer take note: a grievous kick, that might’ve sent a football by uprights from 45 yards out, occurs around a 3:53 mark.

A likewise bizarre occurrence came out of Wisconsin in 2013 when a male tased his mother in accomplishment of an purported gamble they’d done over a Monday Night Football diversion between a Packers and Bears.

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