Vitalii Sediuk is not a ‘prankster’ though a sinister passionate predator

It’s not humorous — it’s a felony.

It’s time for media outlets (even this one) and law coercion officials to stop treating Ukrainian harassment Vitalii Sediuk as a “prankster” and start labeling him what he is: a predator.

His latest conflict — perplexing to lick Kim Kardashian’s behind on Wednesday in Paris — needs to be prosecuted to a full border of a law.

Sediuk stalks celebrities by exploiting a misty universe of easy-to-obtain media “credentials,” law coercion authorities who are apparently focused on some-more critical things than Kim’s boundary and, many important, celebrities who usually wish things to go divided nonetheless carrying to attest in court.

A-lister assailant tries kissing Kim K’s boundary to infer a point

Worse, he does his “stunts” (and when we contend “stunt,” we meant “perverse and bootleg passionate assaults”) in a name of satire.

In a Kardashian case, he took to Instagram to post a design of a occurrence and explain he was “protesting Kim for regulating feign boundary implants.”

This is no shouting matter: Here’s Vatalii Sediuk unctuous underneath America Ferrera’s dress during Cannes in 2014.

(Kommersant Photo/Kommersant around Getty Images)

“I inspire her and a rest of Kardashian house to popularize healthy beauty among teenage girls who follow and urge them blindly,” he added.

Some media outlets have wisely stopped laughing. Vogue called him a “serial creep” and Paper has called him a “scumbag.” But conjunction repository has many lift with law enforcement, apparently.

Kim Kardashian files censure opposite male who attempted to lick her

Part of a reason that a “prankster” tag is mostly practical to Sediuk’s antics is that his initial moves, and some successive opening art, had a lovely flair:

His initial documented attack occurred when he presented Madonna with a fragrance of Hydrangeas, a flower that he knew she did not like. That led to a video of a thespian angry about a gift, that done her demeanour as if she didn’t conclude her fans.

And once he dressed in a reproduction of Bjork’s famous swan dress and paraded around L.A. with a bucket of Oscars.

Earlier this month, Sediuk assaulted Gigi Hadid, claiming he was protesting a conform attention since she’s not a “true” model.


This week, Vitalii Sediuk attempted to lick Kim Kardashian’s behind, claiming he was protesting. But this isn’t giveaway debate — it’s assault.


This month, Sediuk assaulted Gigi Hadid (left) and Kim Kardashian in separate conform events.

That’s art.

Kim Kardashian’s boundary is latest aim of male who pounded Gigi

But for a many part, Sediuk’s antics are a swat sheet:

In 2012, he kissed Will Smith on a “Men in Black 3” red carpet. He was not charged with assault.

In 2013, Sediuk managed to get all a approach to a microphone during a Grammys as Adele was set to accept her award. He was charged with “interfering and loitering module participants” and perceived a six-month dangling sentence.

Also in 2013, Sediuk was blocked from entering a Academy Awards show, nonetheless got off with a warning, notwithstanding an progressing hazard from a Academy that he would be “arrested and prosecuted” if he tried.

Gigi Hadid has no regrets after fighting off foreigner in Milan

Vitalii Sediuk was arrested after he assaulted Brad Pitt during a “Maleficent” premiere in Los Angeles in 2014, nonetheless he did not offer time in prison.

(Steve Granitz/WireImage)

In 2014, Sediuk stranded his face into Bradley Cooper’s arm during a Screen Actors Guild Awards. Later in a year, he did a same thing to Leonardo DiCaprio during a Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Yes, we all wish to put a face in Bradley Cooper and Leonardo DiCaprio’s crotches, nonetheless there is usually one approach to do it: consensually.

Also in 2014, he sneaked onto a runway during a conform uncover and paraded in a thong. Reports during a time suggested he had been arrested. He had not, a NYPD told a Daily News. Don’t censure a cops; it’s expected no one wanted to go by a con of dire charges.

Also in 2014, he crawled underneath America Ferrera’s robe at a Cannes Film Festival. Amid calls for him to be charged with passionate assault, all that happened was Sediuk was dismissed by his Ukrainian outlet.

Don’t worry, he has a new one. Ukrainian websites give out media certification like Vladimir Putin gives out poison to his domestic opponents.

Sediuk’s misfortune offense came in May 2014 when he physically pounded Brad Pitt on a red carpet. This time, he was arrested and prosecuted. He finished adult avoiding jail by pleading no contest. He was condemned to perform village use and bear a year’s value of psychological conversing — afterwards fled to Europe.

He was combined to a no-fly list, nonetheless afterwards backed so that he could lapse to L.A. to bear a therapy.

Through it all, he kept claiming he was a satirist, not a sadist. “I was usually perplexing to strengthen Brad Pitt’s face from Russian annexation,” he .

More convincing media outlets had a opposite take, with the Atlantic job Sediuk what he is: a “man-shaped stain” and “a reprehensible square of tellurian garbage.”

Sediuk’s mania with Kim Kardashian also began in 2014. In Sep of that year, he shoved her outward a conform show, nonetheless after released a matter that “Kim is a Goddess!”

After that, a hits usually kept on coming: In 2014, Sediuk, wearing a thong, hugged Ciara during a Paris conform show. He was not charged for a occurrence because, apparently, it’s not a crime in France to wear a swimsuit and cuddle a supermodel. It’s how we debate for Culture Minister.

In Oct 2015, Sediuk kissed Miranda Kerr on a cheek.

And earlier this month, a now-bearded brag carried Gigi Hadid after a uncover in Milan, after claiming in a matter that he did to criticism that she and others like her are not “true” conform models nonetheless merely “well-connected lovable girls from Instagram.”

And that brings us to a Kardashian attack this week. we asked Instagram because it allows Sediuk to continue to use a site to foster his rapist activities, nonetheless it hasn’t gotten behind to me. And I’ve reached out to Sediuk’s final famous lawyer, nonetheless he hasn’t responded yet.

Kardashian claims she will record a censure with a French authorities opposite Sediuk, nonetheless that will usually expected lead to a confining sequence safeguarding her — in France — from a troll.

So until someone presses charges and follows them through, this contentious red runner speculator will sojourn an unprosecuted general rogue.

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