Women share their allegation exam stories for Cervical Screening Awareness Week

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Cervical Screening Awareness Week runs from Jun 12 to Jun 18, so make certain we symbol in your diaries when it’s time to get an MOT for your muff.

Cervical screens should routinely be finished each 3 years if you’re aged 25-49, unless we have been suggested by your GP to go some-more frequently.

It’s something all us gals have to go through, and nonetheless frequency do we ever seem to speak about them though a expression on a face.

So let’s stop a allegation debate opposite them and remember we are in this together.

To assistance we bravery adult a bravery to call and make an appointment, I’ve been seeking around friends, family and a internet for favourite, humorous stories from screenings.

If you’re feeling bashful about your sugar-walls, one thing is really pure – we can assure we all those smashing NHS doctors and nurses have seen it all before.

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Meet my pleasing cervix

K, Canada

‘In a midst 90s we had a cervical cancer shock (found during my unchanging allegation test), and surgical diagnosis was needed.

‘Thankfully all was benign, and no serve diagnosis was needed, usually really unchanging checks.

‘At my initial follow adult check, my gynaecologist asked if we was OK with some tyro doctors observing.

‘I pronounced sure. About 8 really vast fellows paraded in a room, a integrate that we recognized from internal bars/pubs in my city. we was put adult in a stirrups and speculum inserted.

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‘The alloy had a demeanour and pronounced “what a pleasing cervix – come have a look!” and all a medical students paraded by to have a demeanour during my pleasing cervix.

‘All looking and nodding and a integrate giving me a thumbs up! Mortifying. But was really gratified that all was “beautiful ” again.’

Suck it up, buttercup


‘A poetic womanlike GP felt a steel speculum was too cold so warmed it up.

‘This was excellent and a allegation was painless.

‘But when she attempted to remove, it combined a opening – we had to reason onto a bed and she had to find advice.

‘When she came behind she pronounced we would usually have to courage my teeth and reason tight.

‘But she was so good we have to hee-haw when we consider of it!’

Strong and stable


‘Once, during my smear, a speculum snapped after a helper extrinsic it.

‘It didn’t harm during all, though we both had a good hee-haw during my “strength!”‘

Smashing stuff

Geri, London

‘I had met a man a few days before my smear, though we had spent many of that time in bed carrying insanely ‘passionate’ sex.

‘I competence not have used as many lubrication as we should have since we told my alloy that we was dreading a speculum.

‘She pronounced she would have a demeanour and check that “all was well” while she was down there.

‘When she did, she suggested we come behind in a few days as my “cervix was looking really distressed”.’

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‘I went behind to my beloved and told him utterly gleefully that he had “distressed my cervix”!

‘He primarily kept seeking if we was alright, though we were both really happy to acknowledge that we were really unapproachable of carrying a kind of sex that “distresses a cervix”!’

It’s not easy bein’ green

Jenny, 42

‘After an aberrant allegation result, we had to have a colposcopy during a hospital.

‘The nurses were all lovely, and it usually meant they indispensable to take a representation from my cervix.

‘As we lay behind on a gynaecological chair, we saw they had put a vast collage on a roof and we all started articulate about what was on there and laughing.

‘It was all really calming, and enlivening images – kittens, puppies, flowers, celebrities. However, a many startling one was Kermit The Frog.

“How come we have Kermit right in a middle?” we asked.

“He’s a usually bloke we know who could seem on there totally naked,” they replied.

They had to wait until we finished hee-haw to start a colposcopy!

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Going to pieces

Alice, London

‘After a bit of a boozy night out that finished in some prohibited shagging, we was dreading going for a allegation with a hangover.

‘However, it was all value it when a alloy peeked inside and asked me “When, exactly, did a condom break?”

‘I was ashamed when she started pulling pieces out, though also hugely relieved as it could have caused genuine complications serve down a line as we had totally forgot.’

How do we revise?

Miranda, 35, London

‘When we was 18, a minute from a NHS arrived during my doorway observant we indispensable to go in for a allegation test.

‘However, behind afterwards there was no internet in each home and my sex-education had started and stopped during a condom and banana.

‘I had no thought what it was.

‘I was also vital with my father and bustling being a testy teenager, so when we asked him what it competence be he got utterly perplexed and usually pronounced “Oh, it’s routine. You know, one of those things.”

‘The usually thing we knew about it was that it was a test, so we finished certain to container a pure pencil case.

‘It was utterly a shock!’

You cervical screening exam could save your life, and we guarantee it’s all over and finished with in 5 minutes.

Book yours this week, or set a date in your diary.

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