June 2016 Planetary Report

Last month was a time of opportunity, possibility meetings and realizations, where changes could have happened when slightest expected, though with so many opposing in a commencement of a star-chart, delays were possible.

Week of May 30th

The month of Jun 2016 kicks off with a Sun and Venus both in a pointer of Taurus, and block expanded Jupiter and talented Neptune. The Sun and Venus will also conflict discreet Saturn, and a total appetite of all these interactions can means confusion, disturbance and change. At a same time Mercury, a communication planet, will agreeably correlate with absolute Pluto and can benefaction an event for prolific contention to take place. The Moon, Pluto and Jupiter also agreeably bond in a grand trine aspect and adds a turn of certain certainty over these squares and oppositions. Couple this with a new Moon during a finish of a week and it’s a time when thoughts, dreams and wishes that are a small too maudlin get a sip of reality. In this sense, there is a change of energies clear that can make all work out, only as it should.

Week One – Jun 06

May 2016 Planetary Report

Right during a commencement of this week a absolute Sun and pleasing Venus bond and make this a fanciful time for adore and relationships. You can bond some-more simply with others, and as a Sun and Venus both lay in a pointer of Gemini, we can also build deeper and some-more fluent connectors by divulgence and pity your middle thoughts and feelings with others. However, a few days after on a 9th, Mercury will conflict star Mars, and as they are both in bound signs, Mercury in tenatious Taurus, and Mars in spiteful Scorpio, beware of removing concerned in a written quarrel where no one is peaceful to behind down.

June 12th, Mercury will pierce to Gemini, that is one of a signs it rules, and as Gemini loves to talk, this is a good time to get out and consort with friends and network for business. Whether it is for work or amicable reasons, we can learn a art of creation a understanding during this time. On a same day, Venus will correlate with Uranus, and what happens subsequent can come out of left field, though a appetite is certain and can place we in front of a right people precisely during a right time.

Week Two – Jun 13

As Neptune, a star of imagination and inspiration, goes opposing on a 13th and stays in this back movement right by to midst November, it will be quite useful to concentration on and get desirous about artistic projects. However, a few days later, Saturn will block with Neptune and can place doubts as to what we feel we should, shouldn’t or could do. The multiple of these dual planets, nonetheless retrograde, can change a energy, nonetheless can be rather confrontational in a routine as Neptune’s illusionary appetite confronts Saturn’s realism. Stick to your devise and pierce brazen with confidence, meaningful that in one approach or another, things will work out.

June 14th, a Sun will correlate with Uranus in a discerning sextile, and if an event crosses your path, we wish to be discerning to make it your possess — differently it can pass we by and land during someone else’s feet. At a finish of a week, on a 17th, poetic Venus will pierce to a nurturing pointer of Cancer, highlighting home and family affairs.

Week Three – Jun 20

Monday Jun 20th, a full Moon right during a finish of Sagittarius during 29 degrees, signifies a summer solstice, a longest day of a year. Of course, depending on where we are in a star it could be a winter solstice and shortest day of a year. Either way, it is midyear and a ideal time to reassess where we are, check off what we have achieved and what we still wish to accomplish for 2016. On a same day, as Mercury opposes Saturn and squares Neptune, it puts vigour on we to be obvious with your communications and contend what we mean. This is not a time for diversion playing, either unintended or intentional. The Sun will afterwards skip Gemini and enter a pointer of Cancer.

Lucky and abounding Jupiter will correlate in a certain heavenly trine aspect with absolute Pluto, shines light and certainty on life in ubiquitous and promises a some-more profitable future. It will be another 8 years before a subsequent trine communication between these planets, so we wish to make a many of this expanded energy. Think certain and design a best. As always with Jupiter, and now with a absolute force of Pluto, it is best to be confident and open minded.

Week Four – Jun 27

Yay, star Mars finally turns direct, out of retrograde, midweek on a 29th! It’s a certain pointer that things — life, projects and situations — can all pierce forward during a larger gait and come together with reduction resistance. On this same day, Mercury, a God of communication, will leave one of a signs it rules, Gemini, and enter a some-more romantic H2O pointer of Cancer. Mercury will join a Sun and Venus in Cancer, that will make this a time to get in hold with how we feel and your intuition.

To interpretation a month of June, on a 30th, Venus will be right conflicting Pluto, and a multiple of these dual planets can hint appetite and trigger a conditions associated to relationships. This same week, though on a initial of July, Venus will correlate with abounding and expanded Jupiter in a certain planetary aspect — another sign to be positive. Put out to a star in terms of what we wish to attract, not what we wish to avoid. Don’t extent your thoughts or dreams or have disastrous thoughts. When Venus and Jupiter connect, we wish to float a appetite during a top grade with certainty and positivity. Expect a best and there is a good possibility that is what we will receive.


This is a absolute time! The summer (or winter) solstice, and with manly Pluto and abounding Jupiter winning a star-chart, along with Venus and a Sun, we are speedy to pull by obstacles, pierce out of your comfort section and step into your possess personal power. And with Mars finally out of retrograde, a appetite serve motivates we to do only that.

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