7 apps to assistance your business grow on Facebook

With over 1.6 billion monthly active users, there is no doubt that Facebook is a place to be when it comes to looking for platforms to scale your flourishing business. But how can we precedence this widespread amicable media channel to make a many of your considerable business efforts?

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Here’s a list of 7 apps that your association should cruise if Facebook is a partial of your expansion strategy.

1. Yotpo

Image: yotpo

While Facebook has been famous to be a brands’ go-to offered channel, oftentimes your tangible business can beget adequate hype around a product to expostulate sales. Indeed, leveraging user-generated calm (UGC) such as patron reviews or user-uploaded images on Facebook can assistance your business immensely.

With Yotpo’s Dynamic Ads underline we can use collection to share patron reviews and photos organically, as good as incorporate them into paid ads  a apparatus so valuable, Facebook used it as a case study.

2. ViralStyle

Facebook dwarfs all other amicable channels when it comes to active users, calm pity and referred click-throughs to websites. But a normal Facebook users don’t spend their time looking for business opportunities  they’re there to see comical calm and keep up with friends and desired ones. To effectively take advantage of Facebook’s measureless offered intensity for business, therefore, companies need to keep their messaging light and fun.

ViralStyle provides a resolution for fan village monetization that takes a attrition out of offered branded merchandise. This amicable ecommerce height lets we offer t- shirts, hoodies, iPhone cases and other products with your possess art, and since it’s all printed and shipped to order, there’s 0 con for register or fulfillment.

Using ViralStyle’s offered tools, it’s easy to set adult a “campaign,” that adds a ticker to product pages for a clarity of squeeze urgency. The height also integrates with Facebook ads (soon with Shopify as well), to concede users to seamlessly foster creations to frequency applicable and targeted buyers.

3. Desk

Image: Desk.com

Today, business owners and marketers are approaching to always be reachable and prepared to residence patron inquiries. While this might seem overwhelming, there are good collection that assistance promote improved and some-more visit communication between impending buyers and sellers.

For instance, Desk.com integrates with Facebook as a highly-effective rendezvous underline that will assistance residence evident patron questions and concerns. we privately use them for my payments support and it’s helped us conduct a thousands of patron tickets any month, a vast apportionment of that comes by Facebook.

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4. GetResponse

With so many opposite offered options on Facebook, infrequently it is formidable to get a many out of your campaigns. Thankfully, there are solutions such as GetResponse’s Facebook Web Form App that embeds sign-up forms on your Facebook association page. This allows impending leads and/or meddlesome page visitors to simply pointer adult for some-more information.

5. Cyfe

For businesses, being means to stay forward of all a offered tasks can be daunting, generally when information plays a vital purpose in your scaling efforts (as it should). Visuals can assistance make clarity of this mess.

Cyfe’s business dashboard, for example, displays several metrics that are mostly demonstrative of successful or bad offered campaigns. With this information during hand, marketers can demeanour to scale formed on specific benchmarks.

More specifically, we can track your whole amicable media and Facebook data, to now cruise your altogether debate performance, cost, CTR, impressions and more.

6. Shopial


For ecommerce businesses, Facebook is mostly deliberate a second priority to your company’s online store. Being in a payments space, I’ve found that many business owners don’t even cruise Facebook for ecommerce. Having only discussed a prevalence of Facebook usage, we might need to reevaluate your attribute with this outlet.

The Shopial app is a timely one for ecommerce, as it radically acts as a overpass between a store’s website and Facebook store, permitting we to simply supplement and publicize specific products to boost rendezvous and contingent acclimatisation levels.

7. Leadfeeder

On Facebook, B2C rendezvous outshines B2B prospecting, though savvy business leaders know how to use a ubiquity of Facebook to their advantage. In a B2B space, a tour from extraordinary website caller to converted patron is formidable and frequency predictable. As buyers transition from sales-driven product preparation to self-service calm find and turn some-more rhythmical with their hit details, it isn’t always probable to constraint email addresses and use prospects’ inboxes as hubs for lead maintain messaging.

Today’s B2B marketers therefore occupy a litany of strategy to lane prospects opposite inclination and offered channels, enchanting with potentially meddlesome parties wherever possible. With Leadfeeder, we can by-pass a need for lead constraint and instead see a energetic list of unknown visitors to your website, along with comprehension on a companies they work for and logs of pages they click on. Now here’s where it gets interesting. Because a complement integrates with your patron attribute government (CRM) and we can use it to trade segmented lists of contacts, a B2B expansion hackers out there can simply use Leadfeeder as en engine for formulating hyper-targeted “Custom Audience” ads on Facebook.

Do we have suggestions for other apps that assistance grow your business on Facebook? Share them in a comments below.

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