Comey responds to Trump’s threats of tapes of their conversations: ‘Lordy, we wish there are tapes’

James Comey


Former FBI Director James Comey, who was dismissed by President
Donald Trump final month, told a Senate Intelligence
Committee on Thursday that he hopes there are tapes of his
private conversations with Trump.

“I’ve seen a twitter about tapes,” Comey said, referring to
May 12 twitter apparently melancholy to recover tapes of
evidently private conversations between himself and Comey.

“Lordy, we wish there are tapes,” Comey said.

Comey’s criticism came in response to doubt from Sen. Dianne
Feinstein about Trump’s review with Comey in a Oval
Office concerning a FBI’s review into a president’s
former inhabitant confidence adviser, Michael Flynn.

Comey testified that Trump asked him to finish the
bureau’s investigation into Flynn, who was dismissed by Trump
after he skewed conversations he had with Russian
officials to Vice President Mike Pence. Comey pronounced he was
“stunned” by Trump’s request, that he interpreted as a
“direction,” and that a boss done directly to Comey after
seeking all of his tip advisers to leave a room.

“Why didn’t we stop and say, ‘Mr. President, this is wrong, I
can't plead this with you?'” Feinstein asked.

Comey responded that he was confused to respond to the
president’s doubt and competence have refused Trump’s ask if he
had had some-more “presence of mind” in a moment.

“It’s a good question. Maybe if we was stronger, we would have. I
was so dumbfounded by a review that we only took it in,” Comey
told Feinstein, adding that he was perplexing to remember each word
Trump was observant in sequence to commemorate a review after
a meeting.

“I wish I’ll never have another opportunity, though maybe if we did
it again, I’d do it differently,” Comey added. 

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