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Media captionThe BBC’s Andrew Verity explains a Libor scandal

A charge declare called by a Serious Fraud Office (SFO) as an consultant on trade has certified texting friends in a center of his hearing justification to ask simple questions.

Saul Haydon Rowe texted a crony for assistance in explaining email justification he had been asked to interpret.

He is an consultant declare in a hearing of ex-bankers indicted of paraphernalia Libor.

Asked about a texts, Mr Rowe agreed: “They are simple questions, so we could make certain we got a basis correct.”

He was testifying on Wednesday as an consultant on trade in a hearing of dual former Barclays traders, Stelios Contogoulas and Ryan Reich.

The justice listened Mr Rowe had unsuccessful to divulge a content messages in prior Libor trials, in that he had given evidence.

‘Not my area’

The defendants mount indicted of swindling to deceive between 2005 and 2007 by perplexing to pierce a pivotal seductiveness rate benchmark, a London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor), in sequence to advantage their banks’ trade positions.

Libor has been used to establish a cost of thousands of blurb mortgages and, particularly in a United States, residential mortgages.

Until recently, it was arrived during by averaging submissions done daily by 16 writer banks. At any bank, a Libor submitter would state what seductiveness rate they suspicion a bank would have to compensate to steal income from other banks.

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Former Barclays merchant Stelios Contogoulas is indicted of swindling to deceive by paraphernalia Libor

An component of a counterclaim case, is that in creation requests of a submitters for a aloft or reduce Libor, within a operation of seductiveness rates during that their bank competence have borrowed, they were carrying out normal blurb practice, famous of and authorised by bosses and regulators.

The justice listened Mr Rowe had given sworn justification as an consultant on Libor and credit derivatives in progressing trials including a 2015 hearing of former UBS merchant Tom Hayes.

His content messages enclosed one sent in Jun 2015, during a hearing of Tom Hayes, where he said: “Got held out on a integrate of points, eg where yen Libor futures contracts trade. Not my area, and we didn’t get one sound punch in that we wanted to get.”

‘Beyond me’

In another hearing final April, after being destined by a decider not to speak about a box while his justification was in progress, Mr Rowe texted a merchant crony saying: “I don’t know a common trades stir [short-term seductiveness rates] people put on though I’m learning.”

The merchant replied: “Trouble is, out of context it’s indeed utterly tough to interpret. You get used to a methodology of a people around.”

Mr Rowe replied: “Yes we agree. That’s what we see on all my cases though it doesn’t assistance when we have to explain a few emails and demeanour knowledgeable.”

In another content he asked a definition of ‘delta’, that measures a volume of income during risk if a benchmark such as libor moves adult or down.

“Delta…what is it measuring exactly?” he texted.

The subsequent day he emailed a co-worker saying: “We’ll get a stir dilettante on any destiny work as this goal has crept good over me.”

Mr Rowe regularly pronounced he had had conversations with a Serious Fraud Office about either they still wanted him as a witness, given that he had not been a merchant of investments formed on short-term seductiveness rates. But he pronounced a SFO asked him to stay on.

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Former merchant Ryan Reich is also indicted of paraphernalia a Libor rate

The justice listened that, underneath a Criminal Procedure Rules 2015, consultant witnesses are thankful to divulge all a sources of information they have consulted and to pull a court’s courtesy to questions outward their area of expertise.

Asked if he had review those rules, Mr Rowe pronounced he did not know. But he concurred signing a law matter observant that he had review a rules.

In a law statement, Mr Rowe also pronounced that a news he had given as an consultant declare was his possess work.

However, most of a report, used in all 4 UK trials of traders for utilizing Libor, patrician “Libor and Interest Rate Markets, Products, Concept and Terminology”, was in fact created by a colleague, a justice heard.

Mr Rowe pronounced that he deliberate if he had reviewed a work and could urge it in cranky examination, he suspicion it was satisfactory to contend it was his work.

Adrian Darbishire QC, who is representing one of a defendants, said: “I advise that we have skewed your imagination to a SFO and to a juries in front of that we have testified; we advise we have unsuccessful to approve with your simple duties of disclosure; and that we have concealed, rather than revealed, a sources of statements that we have presented as your possess opinion. Do we know a suggestion?”

“There are many suggestions,” Mr Rowe replied, “And we consider we remonstrate with them all.”

The box continues.

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